Panels – Orion’s true face


I still always wonder what it would be like to be able to read the Fourth World books without any prior knowledge of the character. By the time I read the originals I already knew what the truth of those rumours about Orion were, and read the hints with that knowledge. Did readers of the time realize what the deal was prior to “The Pact”?

Anyway, always love those scenes where Orion’s more savage nature force their way out.

from The New Gods #5 [1971]

2 thoughts on “Panels – Orion’s true face

  1. Robert

    I think I read that issue when it first came out. It’s been so long. But I think that when the issue was on sale , I did buy it and read it.

    I think DC Comics did a dis service to Jack for not letting him really finish the New Gods Stories that he wanted to do.

  2. dave

    Did readers of the time realize what the deal was prior to “The Pact”?

    I read the Fourth World books when they first came out, and I certainly had it figured out. Kirby pretty much spilled the beans in the first three issues of “New Gods.”

    The true identity of “Mister Miracle” was more of a mystery, IIRC. Obviously, he was from New Genesis, but his relationship to Highfather wasn’t as obvious.

    I’ve always thought the proper introduction of the Fourth World should have started with “Mister Miracle” solo for three months, then followed by “Forever People” and “New Gods.” “Mister Miracle” had all this “mystery” about Scott Free’s real home and the gadgets he worked with that was pretty much superfluous to anyone reading the other books.


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