Admin – Three years ago today…


I started the Jack Kirby Weblog with this post, originally on another site. I said at the time that my goal writing about every book in my own collection of Kirby comics would take “probably 3 years if I manage to do one a day, realistically much longer”. Boy, glad I was realistic. For the record, I’m about half-way through that original goal (although I have over 100 additional Kirby comics bought since that day), and managed to post a lot of other stuff besides. Thanks to everyone who has read, commented and linked in those years.

I know it’s a blog cliche to promise a return to regular posting after a drop-off like I’ve had this past summer, with those promises usually followed by a few posts and then a continued drought, so no promises, but keep reading, I’m sure there’ll always be something. And remember, there’s always the list of old posts to check out.

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