The purpose of this weblog is going to be a bit specialized. I hope to eventually write a little something about every Jack Kirby comic, magazine or book in my collection. That currently numbers about 900 items and steadily growing (out of 3000+ items that it could include, but most of those I don’t have are outside my price range, stuff I have reprints of or trivial things like books with just Kirby covers), so that’s probably 3 years if I manage to do one a day, realistically much longer.

No particular reason for this. Just a reason to read a bit of Kirby every day, a reason to do a little bit of fun writing and hopefully get some awareness out there of the length and depth of Kirby’s career.

And if you’ve wandered here and don’t know who Jack Kirby is, stick around and see.


That’s one of Kirby’s self-portraits, naturally, announcing the golden age reprints that backed up his Fourth World books. Inked by Vincent Colletta, so, you know, but still good looking.

Hope you enjoy.


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  1. Anonymous

    I was so happy to find there’s a jack Kirby blog out here – just what I need when I’m jonesing to look at and discuss the man’s incredible body of work. There are a few burning questions I have about his career — for instance, is it true, in the early 70s, Marvel never paid ANY reprint money to Jack – even though they reprinted his stories in “Marvel’s Greatest Comics” “Marvel Triple Action” “Marvel Spectacular” “Marvel treasury Editions” –etc… I mean, There must have been more work coming out of Marvel that was Kirby’s, than the stuff he was producing at DC. WHich may be one reason why the fourth world books didn’t do as well — because at that point he was competing with himself, and we kids only had so much money… Also, I wonder if anyone can track down exactly what page rates were back then, and how good (or bad) a living comics artists made compared to other jobs?

    Anyway, GREAT blog!


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