Thor #258 [1977] – Cover


This is the last of the THOR covers that Kirby did during his 1970s stint at Marvel. A shame, then, that it’s one of those where someone at Marvel decided that Kirby’s Thor didn’t look right. Say what you will about DC, but at least there’s a reference point for saying Kirby’s Superman and Jimmy Olsen look wrong…

Despite that, it’s a pretty good Kirby/Sinnott cover, with the stone texture really coming across nicely.


Published 1977

One thought on “Thor #258 [1977] – Cover

  1. Anonymous

    It appears Marvel demanded growling features on a hero at this point and anything else was altered.This cover was nicely composed and would have looked much better with Kirby’s Thor face unaltered and a lack of word baloons.

    Nick Caputo


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