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I’ve been trying to definitively establish some sort of reprinting history for Kirby’s 1978 SILVER SURFER book published by Fireside. I know there was a hardcover edition dated March 1995, officially titled MARVEL LIMITED: SILVER SURFER, with an ISBN of 0785101179 and with a print run of 742 copies according to the enclosed note. What I’d like to know is, was there ever a mass-market reprint (hardcover or softcover) from Marvel at that time or since? The internets are proving no help as that ISBN also seems to refer to some 2001 book by Paul Jenkins, and I’m never sure if any other listing I see is for the original 1978 hardcover or softcover, the “Marvel Limited” book or some other printing that I don’t know of or some other book entirely. So if you have any printing of the book other than the original Fireside hardcover or softcover or the Marvel Limited hardcover, or know for sure that they don’t exist, let me know. If there is any other edition, a scan of the cover would be useful so I know what to look for.

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  1. Glen Story

    I have a softcover titled “The Silver Surfer”, printed in Dec. 1997, ISBN # 0-7851-0652-9. It sold for $15.99. The cover is a nice drawing of the Surfer and Galactus by Jack, rather than the painted cover. I have a scan of it… where should I send it?


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