The Avengers #350 [1992]


Fifteen years ago AVENGERS made it to #350. These days there isn’t even a single AVENGERS book within reach of #100. Funny how that works.

For this particular milestone they celebrated with some reprints in this flipbook with gatefold covers on both sides. Of note for this weblog are the cover galleries that adorned the covers. A full page was given to the Kirby/Ayers cover of AVENGERS #1, a great start to the series and probably one of the five or six most swiped/homaged Kirby images.


Two more Kirby covers get quarter page reprints. AVENGERS #11, the Kirby/Stone cover featuring Spider-Man, and #25, the Kirby/Ayers cover with Doctor Doom. Good choices, but kind of odd not to include #4 and #16 in a roundup of milestone issues of the series.

Published 1992

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