This Hostage Cover


Some more random covers from scattered years. Did you know that there are about 400 Jack Kirby covers for books that didn’t have Kirby interior work? Just so you don’t think there’s any danger of running out…

GREEN HORNET #9, 1942. Gorgeous early cover done for Harvey Comics, with a nice “ugly mobster” type and an interesting composition.

AVENGERS, THE #12, 1965. Great looking Chic Stone inked cover of the team. I especially like the classic Kirby pose of Giant-Man’s hand there.

CAPTAIN GLORY #1, 1993. From the “coulda been a contender” file, this illustration dates from the same time as the concept art that would evolve into the Fourth World characters, apparently at some point known as Captain Victory. The character remained unused, although his name did go on to bigger things in the 1980s. Finally, when Topps licenced some Kirby concepts in the 1990s for their shortlived “Kirbyverse” line, this great looking piece of art saw print, with some fine Ditko art inside.

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  1. Anonymous

    Ahhhh — that Avengers cover — love when Marvel used to use gray tones on covers. The colorful burst of energy, promising thrills and fun if you only open the cover and read it! — Or as someone else wrote about covers:

    “The very thing which, until recently, divided the Comic Book cover from traditional illustration was unselfconsciousness -it had long been a crowning virtue of the medium. No shame, no guilt and no embarrassment were in evidence–no awareness of the social force or influence which comics exerted, however subtly, in our society. Lacking the pretense of civility and conformity found in other media, they were allowed to develop and change apace, stripped of any mitigating influence until all that we were left with was pure, unadulterated sensationalism.”


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