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Paul Pope talks about Kirby machines, along with a panel from an upcoming FF story he drew.

Spiritual Symbolism in Kirby’s Work.

Fantasy Evolutionary History via Kirby on Atomic Surgery.

Animator Mark Mayerson on Kirby including a pencil animation design of a Space Pirate.

Lots of great posts so far in the Early Jack Kirby series of posts over on the S&K blog.

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  1. RAB

    The author of the “Spiritual Symbolism in Kirby’s Work” piece seems to avoid — perhaps deliberately, to avoid offending possible readers — mentioning the intent of Glorious Godfrey as a commentary on our own homegrown televangelists and demagogues. That particular comic is one of Kirby’s most biting and pointed and powerful stories ever, depicting the nature of fascism and the way a fascist might use the trappings of church and religion to spread hatred. There’s really no need to be shy about telling it like it is: I’ve shown that particular comic book to devout evangelical Christians…and they got it immediately and loved the story, and approved of the message Kirby was putting forth about the evil of “god free” preachers who use their pulpits to preach bigotry.


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