Marvel Double Feature #4 [1974] – He Who Holds the Cosmic Cube


A reprint of the cover and Captain America story from TALES OF SUSPENSE #80 [1966] in this issue, as Cap rescues an AIM agent who was blown out of the sky pursuing a traitor who is bringing the powerful Cosmic Cube to the Red Skull. SHIELD is able to help Cap quickly catch up to the AIM traitor, and they both land on the Skull’s island.


The Skull plays dirty, using the information that he was behind the WWII plan of Zemo that resulted in Bucky’s death, to distract Cap long enough for a sneak attack, giving him a chance to get possession of the Cube.

Great little story, although a bit jumpy in this form with two pages edited out for the sake of stingy 1970s page counts. It’s interesting how some of the descriptions of the power of the Cosmic Cube read like rough versions of the Anti-Life Equation. Don Heck handles the inking on the now 8-page story and cover, and that’s always a pleasing combination (Kirby must have thought so as well, since it wasn’t long after this that he hired Heck to ink the presentation pieces that led to the Fourth World books).

Published 1974

One thought on “Marvel Double Feature #4 [1974] – He Who Holds the Cosmic Cube

  1. Luke Blanchard

    The ability to do anything is a recurring motif in Kirby’s work. Off the top of my head, you also see it with the Molecule Man, the Silver Surfer (as handled by Kirby), the Eternals, Silver Star.


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