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Upcoming Kirby – ART OF S&K STUDIO


skstudioMissed it, but a few weeks ago Abrams ComicArts publisher Charles Kochman talked about upcoming projects:

After years of neglect on my part getting sidetracked by other projects, we are finally releasing this Fall The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio by Mark Evanier and the Joe Simon Estate, featuring 386 pages of original art from their archives at an affordable price and manageable format.

I’m not sure if this listing (October release, $60 cover price) is still valid or if it’s from back when the book was first announced over five years ago. More when I know more.

Edited to add, apparently that is still a valid listing, and here’s the cover to go with it. Mark Evanier writes about the decision to include one particular Mort Meskin story over here.

New Kirby – S&K Library Horror


sklibThe latest in Titan’s series of hardcover reprints, THE SIMON & KIRBY LIBRARY: HORROR, is out now, comic stores should be getting it in tomorrow (DEC131287) and the various other usual sources should have it now or soon (ISBN 978-1848569591). This reprints Kirby’s work from BLACK MAGIC and STRANGE WORLD OF YOUR DREAMS, some great imaginative and sometimes disturbing work. Check out Harry Mendryk’s series of posts about BLACK MAGIC for more about the stories.

And don’t forget, still available are:

-Link- Evanier on 20 years after Kirby’s passing


Sorry for the lack of posting recently. No promises, but I hope to get some more stuff up soon.  In the meantime, I did want to note Mark Evanier’s post today about Jack Kirby on the 20th anniversary of his passing.

2013 – A Kirby Odyssey


(I know, this is technically a year late, but retro-actively dated. Somehow I forgot to post this at the end of 2013)


Big year for for Kirby reprints, the book of the year was easily  Titan’s THE SIMON & KIRBY LIBRARY: SCIENCE FICTION, which included some remarkable 1950s work, better than it ever looked. Those Al Williamson inked stories are just amazing. Following very close behind is the IN THE DAYS OF THE MOB collection from DC, which includes the mostly completely unpublished (and hard to find in the places where parts of it were published) second issue with Mike Royer inks. Gorgeous. DC’s second JACK KIRBY OMNIBUS was mostly leftovers, interesting but hardly essential, including a lot of stuff Kirby drew but didn’t write, or only plotted, but there are a few jems in there like Atlas, Manhunter and Dingbats from the 1970s (unfortunately none of the unpublished Dingbats stuff known to exist). There were also two issues of THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR in the year, with lots of interesting art.

Marvel has it’s usual large selection of books with some Kirby, ranging from the entire book to a a handful of covers, most of it already reprinted multiple times. Probably the most interesting was the ORIGIN OF THE INHUMANS book, which collects the various issues from the middle of Kirby’s FANTASTIC FOUR run featuring the characters, and the back-ups from THOR.

Jack Kirby Anthologie


This looks like a cool book.


The Angoulême Comics Festival has announced their Official Selections for next years awards, and in the Heritage category is this collection of Jack Kirby’s work for DC published by Urban Comics. See the link for a few preview pages and full contents. Looks like a pretty decent selection, one from all the major features he worked on for DC in the 1940s, 1950s and 1970s, DC should think of doing something like that in English.

Upcoming Kirby – S&K Horror and New Gods original art


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Just wanted to quickly note a few major Kirby publications set for next year.

Titan’s S&K LIBRARY series continues next year with the HORROR volume, which should have all the Kirby drawn material from BLACK MAGIC and STRANGE WORLD OF YOUR DREAMS from 1950 to 1954.

And IDW is publishing an “Artist’s Edition” of Kirby’s NEW GODS.  That’ll be a 12″x17″ hardcover reprinting numbers 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the series (the first inked by Vince Colletta, the rest by Mike Royer) as facsimiles of the original artwork. It’ll be especially interesting to see #7, “The Pact”, in this form, since every reprint DC has ever done of it has had several of the sound effects altered from the original printing (apparently for a language that uses upsidedown exclamation marks and doesn’t use the letter “w” much). Anyway, I don’t think mainstream booksellers get these speciality publications, so if you want it you’ll probably have to order it from a comic shop (order code DEC130371) or direct from IDW when they add it to their on-line store.

New Kirby – MOB and COLLECTOR


mobTwo major Kirby releases in comic book stores this week.  DC has the IN THE DAYS OF THE MOB hardcover collection, which should have some stuff excellent Kirby/Royer work that has never been publicly seen in any form from the unpublished second issue.  Read more about the first issue here.

And from TwoMorrows is the latest JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR.

Upcoming Kirby & Link – LIFE AND TIMES OF JACK KIRBY Kickstarter


Untitled-1Jack Kirby’s grandson Jeremy has a current Kickstarter project to fund the publication of THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JACK KIRBY, including lots of photos of Kirby and family and the reproduction of a play Kirby wrote called “The Frog Prince”.  Should be impressive looking, considering he’s already at over three times the funding goal with two weeks to go. Check it out, some great photos are on the Kickstarter page, and check out Jeremy Kirby’s Jack Kirby Store for a look at some of the prints and the shirt available for backing the book (or to order them separately if you don’t do Kickstarter).

New Kirby – S&K Library: Science Fiction


Apparently the long awaited new volume of Titan’s SIMON & KIRBY LIBRARY line, SCIENCE FICTION, is out now, featuring the team’s work on Blue Bolt, Race For The Moon and some great stand-alone science fiction stories like “The Cadmus Seed”. Should be good. There’s a sample Blue Bolt story over here.

Order from Amazon here, or from any bookseller using ISBN-10: 1848569610 or ISBN-13: 978-1848569614. I don’t believe comic book stores ordering from Diamond have it yet, but should soon, and they can use order code DEC121235 to get more.

The next volume, HORROR, featuring stories from Black Magic and Strange World Of Your Dreams, is currently listed as scheduled for March of next year.

New Kirby – DC’s KIRBY OMNIBUS v2


DC’s THE JACK KIRBY OMNIBUS v2 is out todayjkomni, collecting most of the published Kirby material from DC from the 1970s and 1980s not already covered by other recent or upcoming collections. The biggest part of that would be the two 1980s SUPER POWERS toy tie-in books, as featured on the cover. The best bits are probably the three FIRST ISSUE SPECIALS included, featuring an update on Manhunter (one of my first exposures to Kirby) and original concepts Atlas and the Dingbats of Danger Street. It’ll be a few weeks before I get a copy, so feel free to outline the contents in the comments if you get one before that. I’m especially curious if they include any of the unpublished Dingbats stuff, the story intended for SANDMAN #7 or a restored version of KOBRA #1, and if they went ahead and included all the non-Kirby 1950s reprint material from BLACK MAGIC as the solicitations indicated they planned to.