“The Miracle Maker” (k037)

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“The Miracle Maker” is a 10-page Sandman story by Simon&Kirby, published by DC in ADVENTURE COMICS #78 [1942].  The Sandman was a pre-existing character that S&K took over six months earlier, making some gradual changes to the costume.

In this story, Wesley Dodds, the wealthy alter-ego of the Sandman, notices a recently released felon working as a carnival barker. He and young friend Sandy check it out, and recognize a few other known felons working for a mystic named Magno, who is being buried alive for six hours as part of a magic trick, which conveniently provides him with an alibi for a bank robbery. Later, Sandman and Sandy investigate as Magno stages an underwater escape as cover for an attack on a wealthy man’s yacht, foiling the scheme but getting captured in the process. Don’t worry, they get out alive and dish out some violent justice in the end.

The writing on the Sandman stories is pretty uneven, and this isn’t one of the better ones in terms of plot, as Magno’s schemes seem a bit half-baked and easy to see through. Visually it’s a lot better, with a few good action scenes, including the underwater fight.


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