Strange Tales #123 [1964] – Cover


This issue has one of the few times that Doctor Strange got equal billing on a STRANGE TALES cover while he was sharing the book with the Human Torch. Of course, the Torch’s star was obviously fading a bit, as the Thing was his permanent co-star for the final year of the last year of the feature.

My favourite bit of this cover is the Loki figure, always one of my favourite Kirby villain designs, you can see the menace on his face even in that edge of it you get in this angle. The Doctor Strange figure is good, although I thought Kirby did better with Doc’s new outfit in a few later issues.

The Beetle, meanwhile, is a pretty goofy villain, can’t help but pale in comparison with Loki. Kind of funny how awkward and ill-fitting his outfit seems.


Frank Giacoia inks this cover (or possibly Sol Brodsky, see comments).

Published 1964

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