Marvel Super Action #7 [1978] – In the Name of Batroc


This issue has an edited reprint of CAPTAIN AMERICA #105 [1968], with some very nice inking by Dan Adkins. Unfortunately, despite the fine look that Adkins brings to the art, this isn’t one of my favourite of Kirby’s Cap stories. The art is fine, but the story isn’t too memorable, mostly by the numbers. Following a prelude where Cap watches some old footage of himself and Bucky during WWII, Cap is given a mission to find a hidden seismo-bomb, just as three second-string villains, Batroc, the Swordsman and the Living Laser, are also on the search.


Cap is able to defeat the villains, as the seismo-bombs perliminary quakes go off around them, finally disabling the bomb (including a very odd line about “another who gave his life for the masses, many centuries ago”. There are a few Marvel comics from that era with odd religious asides, I’m not sure what’s up with that).

The two pages edited out (bringing this down to 18 pages) are from a very striking but pretty superflous two-page spread of Cap and Bucky in WWII.

Published 1978

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