Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #134 [1970] – The Mountain of Judgment


Kirby’s second issue of JIMMY OLSEN is mostly one wild ride, with Jimmy and the Newsboy Legion being taken in their Whiz Wagon to “Habitat”, the tree city that houses the drop-out motorcycle gang the “Outsiders”, and then leading them on the “Zoomway” to find the “Mountain of Judgment” of the mysterious “Hairies”. Yeah, really. Not your dad’s Jimmy Olsen…


The Mountain turns out to be a converted missile-carrier used to scare away intruders, and it turns out that hidden on the Whiz Wagon is a bomb designed to blow up the Hairies and their ultra-advanced scientific society.

The end of the issue has Morgan Edge on a video phone with his mysterious master, Darkseid, marking the villain’s first published appearance (although job codes and comments in interviews with people there make it clear that Kirby had actually already drawn a few full stories with Darkseid before this, though they were released later).

Kirby also includes three collages in one two-page segment. As usual the reproduction doesn’t do them justice, you can see better copies of a part of two of these on the cover of THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #31. They also look a bit clearer in the recent collection of these issues.

Colletta inks the 22-page story, with Al Plastino doing some of the “corrections”. This issue also includes a text page by Kirby, “The Whiz Wagons are Coming”, about the futuristic car he created, and also includes a small self-portrait by Kirby, and a full page ad for the upcoming Kirby first issues, with slightly different versions of the NEW GODS #1 and FOREVER PEOPLE #1 covers.

Published 1970

2 thoughts on “Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #134 [1970] – The Mountain of Judgment

  1. nick caputo

    The Hairies were actually inspired by Kirby’s real life encounters with motorcycle riders that rode around near his house when he first moved to California.

    Nick Caputo

  2. dave

    In the original issue, “Darkseid” was given a flesh-colored face. And didn’t look much like Darkseid, which can probably be blamed, as usual, on Colletta…


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