Cracked #14 [1960] – Old Ideas For New Panel Shows



Kirby only did a single story for the long running humour magazine CRACKED, this 5-page story which he apparently both pencilled and inked (with doutone shading). This is a TV parody based on the premise of using classic children’s games as the basis for the celebrity panel shows popular at the time, so it has some of the famous people of the era playing games like Hide and Seek, Tug of War, Spin the Bottle and Hopscotch. There aren’t a lot of actual working jokes in the script beyond the premise, but Kirby does a surprisingly good job on the celebrity faces, of those I recognize, and throws in a few funny bits with the body language. Humour comics were only a small fraction of the comics that Kirby did in his career, but he did have an interesting touch with them.


Published 1960

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