The Demon #8 [1973] – The Phantom of the Sewers


Kirby opens up up the issue with a nice look at Jason Blood’s collection of ancient artifacts, which is doubly impressive when you consider that he keeps them in an apartment. Rent there must be killer.


Gotta say, Etrigan’s face in that third panel seems off. Anyway, finding some weapons missing, they find a tunnel where he confronts the thief, the Phantom of the Sewers, presumably inspired by one of the movies with a similar theme. Etrigan recovers Merlin’s sword, but loses the Phantom, who we see has a hidden lair where he worships a statue that looks a lot like Glenda. Back home, Jason Blood decides to use the Philosopher’s Stone to freeze out Etrigan, which appears to work. Bad timing, though, as the Phantom kidnaps Glenda at a party, convinced she’s the one who betrayed him, and plans revenge. Being able to turn into a demon is useful under those circumstances.

Not one of my favourite issues of the series, as a few bits of the art seem a bit clumsy, and a few bits of the story are abrupt (Jason’s decision to try to kill Etrigan at that particular point, the party they decide to throw). A lot of the visuals are nice, in particular all the stuff around Jason’s apartment.

Mike Royer inks the 23-page story and cover.

Published 1973

One thought on “The Demon #8 [1973] – The Phantom of the Sewers

  1. Kirbyfan4ever&ever

    Have the Demon Kirby stories ever been printed in hardcover or DVD Rom format. With the creation of the Kirby museum I hope that all of Kirby’s 70’s work is published again.

    I still have read the complete Eternals. For the third time. Ironically I liked it better than New Gods. It has a heavy Marvel look to it. I have to wonder if Kirby continued to work on Fantastic Four if these worlds would interact with one another.

    Kirby’s 70’s work is not as popular but I love this period because it has a more cartoony style. Why can’t these classics be put in paperback. This site just confirms that Kirby’s work is still timeless transends all the ages.


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