2001 – A Space Odyssey #6 [1977] – Inter-Galactica


Norton, our super-hero loving character from the previous issue, finds himself a long way from New York, on a spaceship under attack from a massive alien ship.


Realizing that the aliens are after the alien Princess in the small capsule they found earlier, Norton takes off in that capsule to save his crewmates. That leads to one of those wild cosmic trips that the Monolith often causes, including some nice odd splash pages. They wind up under attack at a matter transmitter, where the Princess escapes but Norton falls, leading to a return of the Monolith and Norton’s final conversion to a New Seed.

One of the interesting things about these short little 2001 stories by Kirby is that there is always a long of unexplored stuff below the surface that you get the feeling Kirby had a whole backstory worked out on who the Princess and the aliens were and where they went.

Mike Royer inks the 17-page story and Frank Giacoia inks the cover.

Published 1977

One thought on “2001 – A Space Odyssey #6 [1977] – Inter-Galactica

  1. Shane Foley

    This is one of my favourite Kirby stories from his 70’s Marvel run. I think he expertly captured the emptiness and aloneness a human would fell in space.
    And there were so many scenes of strange places and things – it felt really
    ‘other’ to me. Even the matter transmat thingee at the end seemed so alien.
    Love it!


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