Thor #159 [1968]


The lead story here is “The Answer at Last”. At last indeed. After six years, they finally decided to address the weird aspects of the Thor / Don Blake relationship. It was never quite clear early on if Thor was just Don Blake with powers or a true immortal Asgardian, and varied with the story. After a few issues of build-up, this issue finally explains that the Don Blake persona was all part of one of those Odinian schemes, this one to teach his son humility. Oddly enough, he says that “none can be truly strong unless they be truly humble”, given that he’s all-powerful and rarely shows even a trace of humility.

Thor #159 [1968]

As part of this story, there are flashbacks to the youth of Thor, showing the need for this lesson. First off there’s his accidental breaking of a treaty with the Storm Giants, which is also shown brilliantly on the cover. Another scene shows one of those classic Asgardian barroom brawls, including Volstagg, a wonderful slapstick comedy device.

Published 1968

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