Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #3 [1982]


“Encounters of a Savage Kind” is the story this issue, continuing the Earth adventures of Captain Victory with new material after the first two issues had the originally proposed graphic novel (one page in this issue is also from the original graphic novel). Cap calls in the infantry to clean up the Insecton infestation, and the cosmic anomaly Egghead tags along, against orders.


Lucky for them that he does, since the Lightning Lady unleashes the biggest Insecton yet, specially bred for destruction, and Egghead is able to handily defeat it, and then is instrumental in the capture of the Lightning Lady when she tries to use some human kids as hostages. Really, he should be in charge, based on this issue.

Mike Thibodeaux takes over the inking on this issue, handling the cover, 25-page story and backcover (though I’m thinking Royer might have done the second page, or maybe it just looks different because it was produced well before the rest?).

Published 1982

One thought on “Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #3 [1982]

  1. Mike Moran

    YES! More Captain Victory. I recently got this whole run and enjoyed it alot. Especially the “Orgin” issues!

    My only complaint is that Royer/Sinnott would have been a better inker on this book. Thibedeux just inks with too thick of a brush for me.


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