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Welcome one and all to the new Jack Kirby Comics Weblog, now hosted by the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center. If you’ve read the BlogSpot hosted version of the site you know what to expect, and all the old posts from there have been imported here as well (check the pages on the sidebar for alphabetical and chronological links to previous posts).

A bit of background, I started the weblog back on September 12, 2004, shortly after I’d been unable to find a good sample on-line of Kirby’s romance or western work (other than covers). I figured I had more than enough Kirby comics to fill several years worth of content on a weblog, and figured it would also be a good excuse to do a random re-reading of all my Kirby comics. In the year and a half since, I posted some brief words and at least one image from 590 different Kirby comics, covering every genre and era of his career. I also started monitoring and reporting on newly announced and released Kirby reprints, which thankfully have gotten quite plentiful since I started the weblog (pure coincidence, I’m sure).

Moving the site here, I plan on continuing more of the same, with at least another two years of daily posting before I exhaust my own collection. Over the next few months I’ll also be revising the earlier posts, mostly to improve the scans (which were somewhat constrained by bandwidth and server space considerations early on) and update a few links. After I get done with that I have a few other plans for some fun stuff I’d like to try.

A few other things. Generally I avoid posting the covers of books, unless that’s the only Kirby art in there. I highly recommend the Grand Comics Database as a source for covers.

I usually defer to the Jack Kirby Checklist, which is also the source of the Kirby Catalogue Raisonné on this site, for inking credits. However, it’s far from definitive, so feel free to comment if you disagree.

I’m leaving commenting open, no registration required, for now. That might change if the usual comment spam gets to be a problem.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Museum site, and consider getting a membership if you want to help with some of their future plans.

And thanks again to James Burns for the Kirby-tech weblog logo.

I think we got all the bugs in the format worked out, but comment if something looks screwy on your browser, or you have any thoughts on the site (I still haven’t decided exactly how to use the categories for regular posts. What would be most useful, company (Marvel, DC, Prize, Other)? Genre (Romance, Super-Hero, Western, Horror)? Note that I can have multiple categories for each post).

2 thoughts on “Welcome (reprise)

  1. Nick Caputo


    The site looks nice and I wish you the best at your new home. You couldn’t find a better spot. As someone who has enjoyed your blog from day 1, I compliment you on showcasing so many diverse covers, many of which I’ve never seen, which inspired me to go out and track down some of these books. Personally, I like the idea of categorizing by genre.

    Nick Caputo

  2. Marc Kardwell

    Gotta admit, I was wondering what you were up to the last few days of the old site: all that “and a blog must die” stuff. I thought you were calling it a day! Thank God you haven’t – this blog is a great resource and now a real asset to the Kirby Museum. Keep up the good work.


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