The Avengers #22 [1965] – Cover


AVENGERS #22, 1965. A nice Wallace Wood inked cover, from when Wood was briefly the interior inker on the book over Don Heck pencils. Great image of the Enchantress there. Not a lot of major female villains from Marvel in the 1960s, but she’s probably the best of them.


2 thoughts on “The Avengers #22 [1965] – Cover

  1. David Morris

    I love this cover! Stan’s caption is at such odds with Jack’s image- Cap’s sensational battle? Rather “See Caprtain America give Powerman his lunch money.” Surely Jack’s most uncharacteristic Cap pose.
    The previous issue where the Swordsman throws Cap off a building is my favourite Kirby/Wood cover, but this is gorgeous.

  2. Anonymous

    SEE CAP COWER IN FEAR AGAINST THE UNSTOPABBLE POWER MAN! That copy would have fit the picture!

    This is a nice cover that would have been better without the added pics of the Avengers, but I guess Stan didn’t think one Avenger on the cover would be enough (even though he was the most popular Avenger!)

    I love the previous Kirby/Wood cover as well. I wish Wood had inked more Kirby, but Stan reportedly didn’t like the combination!

    Nick Caputo


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