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The things that come up when you look up Kirby on Amazon…

I’ll post a link to the TwoMorrows site when they have something on that book.

Also, not yet mentioned here, Marvel has ESSENTIAL FF #5, finishing Kirby’s run and beyond, the complete ETERNALS (#1-#19 and Annual) in a $75 book, and a second volume completing Kirby’s BLACK PANTHER (plus the post-Kirby issue wrapping up the Kiber story) in the coming months.

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Kirby – Check it out

  1. Mark

    Sounds like another worthwhile edition from Twomorrows – looks as if, like with their expanded reprint of KIRBY UNLEASHED, that they’ll be bringing back into print some work that’s been increasingly hard to find these last few years, in a really nice volume.

  2. RAB

    From the blurb:

    “…published in 1987 in an extremely limited edition, but without the benefit of today’s digital technology to capture all the nuances of Kirby’s pencil mastery…digitally remastered from the originals, showing all the detail that was missing from the previous printing two decades ago!”

    I really have to wonder if this might be an excessive claim even by the standards of marketing hyperbole. “Digital” is not automatically synonymous with “more faithful” — in fact, many an audiophile would argue the exact opposite. Now, I own one of those copies of the original, and the reproduction is truly spectacular. The pages look so much like pencilled original art that you’d be afraid to touch the pages for fear of smearing the graphite. Simply promising to equal the original edition would be a bold enough claim. But denigrating that version to make this one seem even more desirable? I’ll have to reserve judgement until I see a copy.


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