Marvel Super Action #3 [1977]


This issue has an edited reprint of “The Sleeper Strikes” from CAPTAIN AMERICA #102 [1968]. One change made is right on the splash page, where a reference to the Lovin’ Spoonful is changed to Blue Oyster Cult. How hip. Anyway, Cap still has the control key for the Fourth Sleeper from last issue, but doesn’t know how to use it. He battles with the Red Skull’s agents, and is rescued by Agent 13, and they go out in pursuit of the Sleeper. Lots of good fighting throughout, although the end is a bit abrupt. One of the two pages edited is just a splash of the destruction when the Sleeper attacks, but another is kind of crucial to the climax of the story, so was a pretty bad cut.

Marvel Super Action #3 [1977]

Syd Shores inks the cover and edited-to-18-page story. There’s also some of the usual meddling on the cover, moving figures slightly. I’m still not a huge fan of Shores’ inks on Kirby during this time, and the linework of his that got lost the first time around suffers even more in the reprints.

Published 1977

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  1. Booksteve

    I love Shores inks on those Cap stories! They smooth out Kirby’s sharper edges and yet keep the dynamic storytelling. If you think about it, Syd Shores MAY actually have drawn Captain America more than Kirby at that point since he became more or less the main penciller of the original series after Simon & Kirby’s DC departure!


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