Marvel Milestone Edition – X-Men No. 1 [1991]


Another of Marvel’s series of cover-to-cover reprints, this one of course the debut of the X-Men and their main villain, Magneto. It’s a pretty compact first issue, with the characters first showing off their powers in a practice session, then introducing themselves to their newest member, Jean Grey. Soon after the first mutant menace that Professor X gathered them to defend mankind against makes his presence known.

Marvel Milestone Edition - X-Men No. 1 [1991]

I always liked Magneto, I thought Kirby hit the ground running with him and Professor X, while the actual X-Men I thought took a few issues to get both their characters and body language right. Anyway, they manage to drive off Magneto, winning the admiration of the army. That wouldn’t last…

Paul Reinman inks the 23-page story, and Sol Brodsky is usually credited with the inks on the cover, though that’s hardly a consensus. This issue also includes two house-ads, one for a Spider-Man issue and one for SGT. FURY #3, interesting in that it promotes the book as having “the same inimitable style, by the same writer and artist” as the FF, without actually naming the writer or artist.

Published 1991

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