Marvel Tales #124 [1981] – …And Finally: Black Bolt


Reprints of the Inhumans backup get to the tale of Black Bolt in this story from THOR #148 (1968). First it’s established that he’s a beloved ruler who keeps his people safe. Then we look back in time on the Historikon and find out that when he was an infant his ability to manipulate energy and matter was even greater than it is now, but he had a scream outside the sonic range that brings the house down.


Of course his own powers protect him, but obviously something is going to have to be done to protect everyone else from him.

I always thought the ideas behind the origin of Black Bolt were intriguing, but we really didn’t get more than a hint of them in these little 5-page snippits. A shame, as he’s a great character.

Joe Sinnott inks the 5-page story.

Published 1981

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