The Forever People #2 [1971] – Super War


The Forever People #2 [1971]

That Big Bear just cracks me up sometimes.

Anyway, as their second issue opens, the Forever People find themselves attracting attention as the Super-Cycle is blocking traffic. They phase-out to another area where they meet a young boy and his uncle, who Beautiful Dreamer pacifies by making them seem like clean-cut kids, and set up with them for a while. However, an attack from Apokolips in the form of the power vampire Mantis, who Darkseid hopes will generate enough fear to bring out the Anti-Life Equation (and thus introducing the very creepy DeSaad), forces the kids to bring in the Infinity Man to defeat Mantis.

The Forever People #2 [1971]b

It’s a good story, although once the Infinity Man stuff starts it’s like a whole different thing, and you want to see more of the Forever People and their story, so I guess it’s not surprising that Kirby wrote him out after a few issues.

Colletta inks the 22-page story and the cover, which has a photo collage background.

Published 1971

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