Late Period Covers


LAST OF THE VIKING HEROES #5, 1988. Mike Thibodeaux’s comic, published by Genesis West, had a few contributions by Kirby. This cover, inked by Dave Stevens, is really sharp, looking like something out of Tales of Asgard.

NIGHTGLIDER #1, 1993. Another of the Topps “Kirbyverse” books. This is the weakest of the covers Kirby did for these books (well, except for the inking on one of them), still attractive but the figure isn’t really doing anything.

SECRET ORIGINS #19, 1987. A bit of a minor one, Kirby did the Guardian figure on here, while Murphy Anderson did the rest and inked the whole thing. It’s nice that Anderson got do to more than just re-draw Superman and Jimmy Olsen heads over Kirby for once.

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