Nova #5 [1977] – Cover


NOVA #5, 1977, inked by Frank Giacoia, another one of those covers done in that era for non-Kirby characters. I kind of like Nova’s design, it’s very compatible with the Kirby look. The “Earth-Shaker” villain seems a bit ridiculous, though. I always think “robo-clown” when I first see this cover rather than “drilling machine”. Looks like good goofy fun, I guess, especially with the crowds fleeing / crowds in peril look so common in the old monster books.


2 thoughts on “Nova #5 [1977] – Cover

  1. bob

    Yeah, just Kirby on the cover of this one. In general I’ll only use the cover as the art sample from a book if that’s the only Kirby art in there, since there are so many on-line sources for scans of covers.


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