The Demon #14 [1973] – Witchboy


Klarion the Witchboy, along with his pet cat Teekl return to make Jason Blood’s life miserable in this first of a two-part story. First they invade his dreams, making him have a horrific vision of Etrigan in Hell, including a great two page spread of Gargora, a Medusa-like demon of a thousand heads. After Blood awakens, Klarion gathers together six undead witnesses for his spell which creates a doppelganger of Blood, who plans to take his place.

The Demon #14 [1973]

The rest of the issue has Blood, changed to Etrigan, going out and saving his friends from attacks by the false Blood, while slowly fading away from existence, until finally he’s no more than a phantom.

Mike Royer inks the 20-page story and cover, with some uncredited assistance from Bill Stout that Royer mentioned in a few interviews.

Published 1973

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  1. Anonymous

    Love that first panel. It reminds me of the straphangers I see on the Train in NYC every day (I have that same Zombie look some days)!

    Nick Caputo


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