1st Issue Special #5 [1975] – Manhunter


Another debut issue without a follow-up (although parts of the story were later integrated into the greater DC Manhunter mythos by other creators). The story opens up with a bang, as the Manhunter confronts Chopper, a killer obsessed with his cave of disembodied heads and masks. Some weird images in those pages.

We find out that this Manhunter is aging, and fears he might be the end of a long line of Manhunters, but fate intervenes, giving public defender Mark Shaw an ancient lion medallion, so he becomes the new Manhunter and plans to take care of mob boss The Hog.

1st Issue Special #5 [1975]

D. Bruce Berry inks the 18-page story, and the cover is a modified version of the splash page (flipped and with a few other changes). Kirby also writes a text page for the back.

Published 1975

2 thoughts on “1st Issue Special #5 [1975] – Manhunter

  1. Anonymous

    This story, like the Atlas story, was Kirby being very entertaining. I have the Atlas issue, don’t have the Manhunter issue, but Kirby was able to give both books just the right touch. Jack threw off story ideas as naturally as breathing. I need to find the Manhunter issue somewhere, First Issue Special had some great Kirby one-offs, like the above mentioned characters and the Dingbats too.

    Allen Smith


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