The Forever People #7 [1972]


In “I’ll Find You In Yesterday” the Forever People have been scattered through time by Darkseid’s Omega Effect, and their friends of New Genesis, including Esak, ask Highfather to help them.

The Forever People #7 [1972]

I just can’t read Esak’s few pages in the original Fourth World books and not wonder exactly what Kirby had in mind for him that place him where he was for “The Hunger Dogs”.

Anyway, Moonrider and Dreamer wind up at the scene of Lincoln’s assassination, Vykin among Spanish explorers looking for gold in Florida and Big Bear in old England, where he’s on hand for the events that give rise to the legend of King Arthur. Meanwhile, Serifan and the Super-Cycle are attacked by Glorious Godfrey and his Justifiers. Fortunately, Highfather acts with his Alpha-Bullets power to counter Darkseid’s Omega Effect, bringing back the time-lost members and saving Serifan by transporting him to Japan, where he’s reunited with Mother Box, left in a temple there by Sonny Sumo, who lived out his life in the past, outside of Darkseid’s reach.

Bit of an odd story, I’m not sure how it actually fits in what the series was trying to say, but with some great visuals and really nice Highfather scenes (although “Alpha-Bullets” lacks the oomph of “Omega Effect”. But then, Darkseid clearly has better PR people working for him).

Also in this issue, a 2-page “Lonar” story, where he shows off his newly found battle-horse to Orion, and a reprint of the cover and 10-page Sandman story from ADVENTURE #80 (1942), “The Man Who Couldn’t Sleep”, one of my favourite Sandman stories, involving a millionaire driven crazy and to crime by his inability to sleep.

Mike Royer inks the cover, 24-page lead story and 2-page backup.

Published 1972

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