Black Panther #1 [1977] – King Solomon’s Frog


Kirby takes back control of one of his creations from a decade earlier with this issue, jumping right into a wild ride as T’Challa has been led on a mission by collector Abner Little, an acquaintance of his grandfather. The find King Solomon’s brass frog, which turns out to be a time machine, responsible for all sorts of strange historical happenings, including Ali Baba’s Genie (?) and the Loch Ness Monster.

Black Panther #1 [1977]

The beings the frog summons have the unfortunate tendency to kill their summoners without the control codes found in Solomon’s tomb. Unfortunately after finding the frog, they’re confronted by Princess Zanda, another collector, and in the ensuing battle Mister Little is apparently killed and the frog is activated, bringing forth the futuristic Hatch-22.

Kirby’s run on Panther had a few problems, but it more than makes up for them with some of the inspired goofiness, epitomized by Abner Little and the search for a time machine in a brass frog being the opening gambit.

Mike Royer inks the cover and 17-page story. Kirby also writes a text page about his plans for the series.

Published 1977

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