Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #6 [1982] – Victory is Sacrifice


This extra-sized issue of CAPTAIN VICTORY concludes the war on Earth against the Insectons in the 25-page “Victory is Sacrifice”. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, with some really good images and bits, but not really living up to the full potential of the story. The epic sequence where Captain Victory sacrifices his life in the “Drainer” to defeat the Insectons would have been more effective if we didn’t know he had a few lives in reserve.

Following the story is a 2-page spread introducing the Wonder Warriors, villains of the next phase of the story.

After that is the final 5-page chapter of the Goozlebobber story, which is as strange as that title makes it sound like. The Goozlebobber deals with the police, but then scares the family that befriended him with his shape-changing, so he goes off to explore, taking the form of the then-president.

Yeah, I know….

The back cover has an image of Captain Victory’s newest clone being activated by the Memory Storage Unit, ready for new adventures.

Mike Thibodeaux inks the Kirby art in this issue, all 34 pages of it.

Published 1982

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