Marvel Premiere #31 [1976] – Cover


Probably the most obscure of the characters Kirby was tapped to draw a cover for in the 1970s. I have no idea what “Woodgod” is, either. Not a great cover, but I do like the villains and their ships.


Frank Giacoia inks.

Published 1976

One thought on “Marvel Premiere #31 [1976] – Cover

  1. RAB

    I read this comic when it came out — having bought it because of the cover, naturally — and by pure chance I just reread it a week ago. And with all that, I’m not sure I could tell you what Woodgod is either!

    I feel reasonably confident in saying that it was by Bill Mantlo, Keith Giffen, and Klaus Janson. The story was at least partly a swipe from The Andromeda Strain having to do with a small town wiped out by a leaked biochemical weapon, and a secret subterranean government project trying to keep a lid on the disaster. For some reason not made entirely clear in the story, the scientist who developed the bacterium also genetically engineered this “Woodgod” fellow, who became the only survivor of the disaster and a big nuisance to the government types on their snazzy hover-jets as seen on the cover.

    In subsequent issues of Marvel Team-Up, Spider-Man and the Hulk both ended up in this same small town and meeting Woodgod, though it didn’t do a lot to explain what had been going on.


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