Iron Man #95 [1977] – Cover


I dunno, if that’s supposed to be the Washington Monument, the proportions and perspective seem to be a bit screwed up. On the other hand, Ultimo looks pretty cool, and Iron Man never looks better than when he’s covered in Kirby squiggles.


Al Milgrom inks.

Published 1977

One thought on “Iron Man #95 [1977] – Cover

  1. Anonymous

    I remember this cover and was hoping Kirby did the interior art. I belive it was Herb Trimpe shortly after he left the Hulk, who did the art chores on the interior issue. I love the cover though. There is one Kirby Iron Man cover where the Iron Man figure is coming at you from a forced perspective.

    I wonder if Marvel would not give Kirby creative control or what the story was? My facination with his 70’s Captain America and Eternals continue to this day because he created his own world which the characters inhabited. I have read the entire run of Eternals and CA more than once and still get inspiration from them.

    I just wish Marvel had given him more creative freedom with the characters.

    I wish there were a few story arcs with Kirby inspired artwork. Artists like Keith Giffen and Bruce Timm could really make Kirby inspired artwork.


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