Upcoming Kirby – Marvel in 2006


Marvel apparently announced a general overview of some of their plans for 2006 at a retailers thing this past weekend. All plans are tentative at this point, of course. Most notable surprise is the plan for a hardcover reprint of Kirby’s THE ETERNALS series of the 1970s. Also, an X-MEN OMNIBUS to come out when the next X-Men movie does, so presumably like the FF book about the first 30 issues, with letter columns.

Plans also for 24 volumes in the ESSENTIAL series and 18 in the MASTERWORKS, almost sure to be a few in each with Kirby (if I were betting I’d say the final Kirby FF volume for each of those is certain, and volumes of THOR in each are likely).

One thought on “Upcoming Kirby – Marvel in 2006

  1. Mark

    Marvel’s hardcover format is pretty groovy – outsized, cheap – so the more Kirby they put out, the more I’ll buy. Hope they follow up the big FANTASTIC FOUR omnibus with a second and third volume, too: they’re much better value than the MASTERWORKS series.


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