Thor #252 [1976] – Cover


Always a big fan of Ulik, he was a fun character in the 1960s stories, really cool looking, so it was nice to see him on a few Kirby covers in the 1970s.

Verpoorten inks, with a bit of touch-up work credited to Romita in the Kirby checklist, but pretty minor compared to some.

Published 1976


One thought on “Thor #252 [1976] – Cover

  1. kirkm5computer001abc

    This one is one of my favorite Kirby 70’s covers. I just wish that he would have done more than his run on Captain America and Panther. When I was a kid I can remember the 76 Tresury Edition and was hoping after his 2001 Tresury, there would be more. I loved to see his work in the large scale comics, where they belonged.

    It’s ironic in the sense that after I saw the comic I saw the movie. I was disappointed that it didn’t have the images depicted the way Kirby drew them. The star fields and the trip thru the cosmic atmosphere shown in the book was far better than the landmark movie.


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