Special Marvel Edition #11 [1973] – Fighting Side-by-Side With Captain America and Bucky


A reprint of SGT. FURY #13 (1964), with one page edited out, teaming up the two great WWII based characters of Marvel. This is a really jam-packed and fun story, maybe my favourite Cap story of the Silver Age. It opens up in London with Fury on a date with Pamela, where they watch some newsreels of both the Howlers and Captain America, with Fury noting that while the Howlers clip is met with a “reserved British” reaction, Cap and Bucky get cheers. Later an incident in a pub leads to a brawl between Fury and his usual foil Bull McGiveney, which brings Fury and his men to the attention of Steve Rogers, secretly Captain America.

Special Marvel Edition #11 [1973]

Cap and Bucky are off on a mission to Europe to find out about a secret German project, and when they get enough info they send a message to send the Howlers. The Howlers follow, with Fury and Reb making it to the end, where they first encounter Steve Rogers disguised as a prisoner and Bucky disguised as a Hitler Youth, with the two later changing to their costumed identities to take out a tunnel being dug under the Channel to England (the taking out including a panel of one of Kirby’s earliest collages).

Dick Ayers inks the now 22-page story while Chic Stone inks the cover.

Published 1973

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