Marvel Two-In-One #27 [1977] – Cover


The one TWO-IN-ONE cover by Kirby that won’t be in the upcoming collection (so if there’s a second volume it’ll be one of the most trivial entries on a Kirby checklist). Joe Sinnott inks, and it’s a nice action cover, and always good to see the whole FF in action, although Deathlok isn’t a character I know much about.


Published 1977

2 thoughts on “Marvel Two-In-One #27 [1977] – Cover

  1. dave

    “Deathlok” was a Rich Buckler character (although there’s some talk that George Perez, who was assisting Buckler around this time, was the real creator) – a dead soldier who was used by a secret military project for expermentation. The result was half-man, half-cyborg programmable killing machine. Doug Moench originally scripted, later replaced by Bill Mantlo. I actually liked the book when it first came out, though the art was sometimes ragged and the story a little spotty.

  2. kirkm5computer001abc

    I could see how George Perez might have been a creator or co creator of this one. It pre dates the “Terminator” by, what, twenty years?

    I did love the artwork. I think it was inspired by the half-man, half-machine concept of another popular 70’s TV SCI FI show called “The Six Million Dollar Man”, anyone remember that?

    I like to think that James Cameron, the supposed creator of “Terminator”, who was sued by Harlan Ellison for lifting his idea…somehow looked at the Deathlock character and say, this would make a good movie.

    I have to wonder if it was the writing that drove people away, which was good under Mantlo’s reign, or the fact that Marvel didn’t know what to do with the character. I am very surprised that he isn’t popular and he didn’t catch on like “Wolverine”. He’s just as good and in some ways better than a lot of the new characters that attempt to cash in on the Wolverine type disposition.


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