Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth #26 [1975]


Kamandi and Ben Boxer make their way up to Canada and “The Heights of Abraham”, now home to giant mutated birds, insects and plants. And it hasn’t escaped the grasp of Sacker…

Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth #26 [1975]

Lots of big art in this issue, with great scenes like Kam and Ben hitching a ride on a giant bird, the lush mutant plantlife in Quebec, all sorts of giant insects (including more of Kliklak’s species) and ending with the introduction of the British bulldog soldier and his giant ant, setting up one of my favourite Kamandi stories in the following issues.

D. Bruce Berry inks the 20-page story and cover, and Kirby handles the letter column himself this issue, interestingly running a lot more critical letters than normal. Also some weird answers. “But save me a lollipop, too, unless you want me to cry real loud and wake up your grandmother”.

Published 1975

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