“Hands Off Lucy” (k024)

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“Hands Off Lucy” is a 14-page romance story by Simon&Kirby from Prize’s YOUNG ROMANCE #20 [Vol 3 No. 8] [1950]. The romance books were in full swing at this point, with YOUNG LOVE having just been upgraded to monthly from bi-monthly, as this title had been a few months earlier.

Opening with the usual strong confessional title page, the story begins with a flashback to our hero Lucy as a child, where we see that Caesar was the local bully, as well as Lucy’s next-door neighbour. As they got older he tried to ask her out, but she wasn’t interested, until he called one time after a date she planned suddenly cancelled. Of course Caesar is as violent as ever, though not with her, and winds up very possessive of her, especially when an old flame returns to town, and Caesar finally gets his comeuppance as all bullies in comics eventually do.

A very nice story, with really powerful artwork from Kirby. Lots of chances for action thanks to Caesar’s bouts of violence, and great depictions of body language, facial expressions and backgrounds.


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