Upcoming Kirby – THOR Masterworks in October


In addition to the previously mentioned JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #44 and Marvel monster books with Kirby reprint backups, the latest solicitations see a new hardcover Masterworks volume for Thor, only five years after the last one.

Collects 10 issues from JiM #121 to THOR #130, some great comics featuring Thor in battle with the Absorbing Man, Hercules and the hordes of the Netherworld, plus some of the best Tales of Asgard back-ups, with the conclusion of the grand quest and the revelation of Ragnarok and the aftermath which evokes the New Gods. The reproduction of a few of these was a bit weak in the recent ESSENTIAL THOR v2, so hopefully they can be punched up a bit here. The usual $50 price for the regular edition, $55 if you want a dustjacket matching the first printings of the early volumes.

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