Upcoming Kirby – BOY COMMANDOS v2


bcYou’d be forgiven if you thought that DC’s reprints of golden age Simon&Kirby comics in their vaults was going to remain incomplete with nothing after the three volumes (SANDMAN, NEWSBOY LEGION and BOY COMMANDOS) published in 2009/2010. Apparently not the case, as DC now has scheduled a second BOY COMMANDOS book in October. Someone appears to have mistakenly titled it as “Vol. 1” in all the available on-line listings, but the contents listing of “stories from Boy Commandos #3-5, World’s Finest Comics #10-13, and Detective Comics #74-83 and 85” make it clear that it picks up where the first book left off. There’s still quite a bit more Kirby left after this, enough for at least a third book, so hopefully they won’t wait another five years to continue.

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  1. Bryce

    New Kirby pages in this week’s SHIELD #9 from Marvel. Nice two page sequence and feature on Jack, as well as a reprinting of first SHIELD story from Strange Tales. Fun surprise!


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