NEW GODS Artist’s Edition photos


Chris Ryall of IDW posted these photos of the NEW GODS Artist’s Edition on his Tumblr page. Normally I’d just link to the post, but I can’t figure out how to link to a post on Tumbr. Looks good, especially the foldouts of the colour presentation pages, which must be huge. Ordering info in this post. JKNGAE07 JKNGAE06 JKNGAE05 JKNGAE04 JKNGAE03 JKNGAE02 JKNGAE01

4 thoughts on “NEW GODS Artist’s Edition photos

  1. Mark Mayerson

    I’ve got this and it’s great. Three pages are not reproduced from original art, and one of them is the climactic page from “The Glory Boat.” I’d love to know if they couldn’t find that page, or they did find it and the person who owned it refused permission to scan it. I wish they had substituted the photocopy of the pencils that TwoMorrows has printed.

    Anyway, while not perfect, a very worthwhile Kirby item. I hope that it sells well. I would love to see an Artist Edition done with Kamandi or a grab-bag of Kirby’s post-Fourth World DC material.

    Have there been any Artist Editions with Marvel material? Off the top of my head, I don’t think so.

  2. Stan Taylor

    Hi Bob,
    Have you listed the new Young Romance #2 by Fantagraphics? I believe it came out in May



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