Strange Tales #136 [1965] – Find Fury or Die


Hail Hydra!

Kirby did the cover for this issue, inked by Mike Esposito, and did the layouts for the 12 page Shield story, finished by John Severin, his return to Marvel (he previously did work at Atlas in the 1950s, including an issue of YELLOW CLAW that he inked over Kirby, and would eventually settle in to do a lot of issues of SGT FURY). Since it is just Kirby layouts, the final product does have more of a Severin look, but there are still a lot of Kirby elements.


I think what we’re meant to learn in this issue is that the minions of Hydra are truly incompetent. They fall for one sucker trap after another in this one, and in one scene they have two dozen guys in green costumes on a sidewalk next to a ridiculous battering ram ship, and one of them says “we must get inside before we’re seen”.

Published September 1965

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