New Kirby – MOB and COLLECTOR


mobTwo major Kirby releases in comic book stores this week.  DC has the IN THE DAYS OF THE MOB hardcover collection, which should have some stuff excellent Kirby/Royer work that has never been publicly seen in any form from the unpublished second issue.  Read more about the first issue here.

And from TwoMorrows is the latest JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR.

One thought on “New Kirby – MOB and COLLECTOR

  1. Bryce

    I really enjoyed my copy. A nice book. Jack clearly enjoyed playing in this world. My only quibble is that the first issue is in sepia-tone (or whatever the proper term is) and the restored second issue is in sharp black-and-white. I prefer the latter, but the real problem is that the resulting color shift between halves is pretty jarring. I’d love to see the first book in restored black-and-white.


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