Speed Comics #23 [1942] – Cover


When I talk about Jack Kirby artwork on WWII flag-draped super-heroes of military rank, you know I’m talking about…

Captain Freedom?

Yep. Kirby did a bunch of covers in 1942 for this Harvey Comics character who appeared in SPEED COMICS. Don’t know too much about the character, he was apparently a newspaper publisher named Don Hudson who sometimes had a kid gang group the Young Defenders helping him. The handful of covers Kirby did were certainly good (though there’s some disagreement over which are S&K and which are Simon solo).


The original art for this cover was up for auction a while ago. Check out the scan here.

Published 1942

4 thoughts on “Speed Comics #23 [1942] – Cover

  1. Robby Reed

    Cool SPEED cover! More Kirby: Do you know the REAL origin of the FF? It’s not the “imitate the JLA” thing, this is the TRUE story behind the story. Read my site today and get the real story!



    (End of blatant plug!)

  2. bob

    I thought a few of the other SPEED covers attributed to Kirby looked a bit more Simon, but thought this one clearly had some Kirby. But then I’ve never looked at solo Simon too closely. Definitely a different inking style than was typical of their DC or Marvel work of the era.


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