Upcoming Kirby – Jack Kirby Collector #61


The next issue of JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR is coming in a few months.  Great cover on that, and I’m really looking forward to the look at Gerber’s scripts for DESTROYER DUCK among other things.

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Summer 2013 – 104 page magazine with COLOR
JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #61’s theme is JACK KIRBY: WRITER! Whether creating stories while drawing, or pecking away at a typewriter, Kirby gave his work a unique voice which fans either love or hate. Don’t miss this examination of the quirks of Kirby’s conceptualizing and wordsmithing, from the operatic FOURTH WORLD to melodramatic ROMANCE work, and beyond! There’s a feature-length Kirby interview, MARK EVANIER and our other regular columnists, NORRIS BURROUGHS on Larry Lieber’s scripting for Jack at Marvel Comics in the 1960s, the late RAY ZONE detailing his 3-D collaborations with Kirby, a comparison of STEVE GERBER’s Destroyer Duck scripts to Jack’s pencils, Kirby’s best promotional blurbs, galleries of pencil art including NEW GODS, DESTROYER DUCK, 2001, and more, plus an unseen Kirby cover painting! Edited by John Morrow.

8 thoughts on “Upcoming Kirby – Jack Kirby Collector #61

  1. patrick ford

    It will be interesting to see if Mark Evanier makes a return. His column has been absent for three issues now. The most recent issue publishes a comic book convention panel talk, which is kind of odd because the issue before that had nothing by Evanier and as I recall it said his column came in to late to meet the deadline. So why no column in the most recent issue?
    Considering how long the “writer theme” issue has been talked about the announced content sounds very disappointing. Gerber scripts? Lieber scripts? The whole tone of the ad copy sounds tepid, almost apologetic. “Hate” “Quirks” “Melodramatic” “Operatic” What’s Kirby being compared to here? His writing is “melodramatic” compared to other romance comic books? Seriously?

  2. George Bush (not that one)

    I was hoping that the “Writers issue” would tackle some of the myths and fallacies about Kirby’s writing.

  3. George Bush (not that one)

    Well as disappointed as I am in some of the contents (lately) of the JKC, I sympathize with Mr. Morrow. My LCS won’t even carry it anymore because of bad sales. This in a college town with 2 comic book stores! (I told him I would by mine from him instead of online but he didn’t care) .The Legion of Lee (ass)Lickers are some of the biggest A holes in comicdom.I have seen page long rants condemning the JKC because Morrow dared to mention the Marvel boycott! They attack the Kirby family for legally suing Marvel but think its great when Stan does.They continue with claims the Kirby’s writing is unreadable! That call anyone who would dare to like K’s 4th world better than K/L Fantastic Four a kultist. There has been such a backlash that I imagine JM is having a bit of a hard time and can understand that he can’t afford to lose any customers, even ones that think the JKC should be a LEE/kirby PRODUCTION .

  4. pete von sholly

    Well let me just say this. If you told me you had two comic books and I could pick one of them to have, and one was written by Lee and the other was drawn by Kirby- and I was not told who did what beyond that I would take the Kirby book every time. ‘Nuff said!

    1. T Guy

      If you told me you had two comic books and I could pick one of them to have, and one was written by Lee and the other was written by Kirby- and I was not told who did what beyond that I would take the Kirby book every time. Heads up to Jack!

  5. patrick ford

    Same here Pete. Not even a contest. Love Kirby’s writing, can’t even read Lee. Lee certainly has a style all his own which is widely influential, but it’s a huge turn-off for me.

    No doubt John Morrow is in a really tough spot. His readership is composed almost entirely of mainstream Marvel fans. He’s pretty much castrated TJKC and while that might keep the MMMS on board he’s lost people like me. I don’t mean this in any way as a slam on John. He has a business to run and needs to sell magazines so there is no reason he should tailor TJKC to a minority view point.


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