Captain America #126 [1970] – Cover


This Kirby/Everett credited cover always looked a little odd to me for some reason. The Captain America figure almost looks like it’s pasted on from some other source, and the inks seem oddly heavy in places, maybe not over Kirby at all. Still not bad looking.

I do wonder how this cover came about, over a year after Kirby had last drawn the book. [See the comments for some additional speculation on the origin and composition]


Published 1970

3 thoughts on “Captain America #126 [1970] – Cover

  1. Anonymous

    This is a mixed cover, with the Falcon either altered or completely redrawn by John Romita, and probably Diamondhead either added or altered as well. I would love to see what the original looked like.

    Nick Caputo

  2. bob

    Yeah, I thought the Falcon looked especially out of place, though well drawn. I wonder if this was an unused cover from earlier with another character (the Panther was in a bunch of Cap stories)? Kirby was long in California by 1970 so getting him to do a cover for another book (at a time when some of his own covers were unused or altered) doesn’t make much sense.

  3. Anonymous

    This cover looks to me like a patchwork job, built out of pieces. I’d agree that the Cap figure is probably from someplace else and just slotted in here–ditto the two generic Kirby thugs behind him. Falcon and the guy he’s hitting are alost entirely John Romita, and Diamondhead is a Gene Colan shot, probably from the interiors.

    Every once in a while Stan would create a cover from scratch like this, either when Martin Goodman didn’t like a particular cover and there was no time to redo it, or when circumstances were such that getting a regular cover done wasn’t possible (Ditko’s last Spidey and Dr. Strange issues both carry covers cobbled together from the interior art, for example.)

    Tom B


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