The Mighty Marvel Western #46 [1976]


This issue of the western reprint anthology has the first story of the Kid from RAWHIDE KID #17 (1960), “Beware! The Rawhide Kid”. In this 7-page Kirby/Ayers story we learn that the Kid is really Johnny Bart, from the town of Rawhide, where the law hasn’t yet come.

The Mighty Marvel Western #46 [1976]

He was adopted and raised by ex-Ranger “Uncle” Ben Bart, and picked up all of Ben’s skills with the gun and his moral code. One day while Johnny was out getting supplies Ben was killed in a cowardly manner by two outlaws looking to make their reputation. Johnny finds and buries Ben and then goes out for revenge, showing his superior gun skills and then riding off determined to live up to Uncle Ben’s memory and fight cowardly outlaws like his killers.

Very fast and effective first story, though obviously only half the origin (still leaving in question how the kid became to be known as an outlaw).

I especially like those set-up panels of lawless Rawhide, with the one guy stealing another guys hat and splashing a passing woman.

Published 1976

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